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Part – A Data of the Institution

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AQAR 2020-2021
Academic Calender A.Y. 2021-22
Composition 2021-2022
AISHE Report
2.2 Seat Matrix

Criterion – I [Part 1]Curricular Aspects

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Metric No.1.1.1
Metric No.1.1.2
Metric No.1.1.3
Metric No.1.2.1
Metric No.1.2.2

Criterion – I [Part 2]Curricular Aspects

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Metric No.1.2.3
Metric No.1.3.1
Metric No.1.3.2
Metric No.1.3.3
Metric No.1.4.1
Metric No.1.4.2

Criterion – II Teaching, Learning and Evaluation

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Meric No.2.1.2
Metric No.2.2.1 Slow Learner Record
Meric No.2.2.2
Meric No.2.3.1
Meric No.2.3.2
Meric No.2.3.3
Meric No.2.4.1
Meric No.2.4.2
Meric No.2.5.1
Meric No.2.5.2
Meric No.2.6.1
Meric No.2.6.2
Meric No.2.6.3
Meric No.2.7.1

Criterion – III Research, Innovations and Extension

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Metric No.3.1.2
Metric No.3.1.2 Research Committee
Metric No.3.2.1
Metric No.3.2.2
Metric No.3.3.1
Metric No.3.3.2
Metric No.3.4.1
Metric No.3.4.3
Metric No.3.4.4
Metric No.3.5.1
Metric No.3.5.2

Criterion – IV Infrastructure and Learning Resources

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Metric No. 4.1.1
Metric No. 4.1.2
Metric No. 4.1.3
Metric No. 4.1.4
Metric No. 4.1.4
Metric No. 4.2.1
Metric No. 4.2.2
Metric No. 4.2.3
Metric No. 4.2.4
Metric No. 4.3.1
Metric No. 4.3.3
Metric No. 4.4.1
Metric No. 4.4.2

Criterion – V Student Support and Progression

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Metric No.5.1.1
Metric No.5.1.2
Metric No.5.1.3
Metric No.5.1.4
Metric No.5.1.4
Metric No.5.1.5
Metric No.5.2.1
Metric No.5.2.2
Metric No.5.2.3
Metric No.5.3.1
Metric No.5.3.2
Metric No.5.3.3
Metric No.5.4.1
Metric No.5.4.2

Criterion – VI Governance, Leadership and Management

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Metric No. 6.1.1
Metric No. 6.1.2
Metric No. 6.2.1
Metric No. 6.2.2
Metric No. 6.2.3
Metric No. 6.3.1
Metric No. 6.3.3
Metric No. 6.3.4
Metric No. 6.3.5
Metric No. 6.4.1
Metric No. 6.4.2
Metric No. 6.4.3
Metric No. 6.5.1
Metric No. 6.5.2
Metric No. 6.5.3

Criterion – VII Institutional Values and Best Practices

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Metric No.7.1.1
Metric No.7.1.2
Metric No.7.1.3
Metric No.7.1.4
Metric No.7.1.5
Metric No.7.1.6
Metric No.7.1.7
Metric No.7.1.8
Metric No.7.1.9
Metric No.7.1.10
Metric No.7.1.11
Metric No.7.3.1